Alcaraz reveals hilarious technique behind his strong forehands

Carlos talked about his method at Wimbledon’s Champions Dinner.

Carlos Alcaraz divulged in a playful manner the secrets behind the strong forehands that stuck out during his amazing Wimbledon run. “How do you hit a forehand at 106 mph?” Alcaraz was asked at Wimbledon’s Champions Dinner.

“Just close my eyes, and believe it’s going in. Hit as hard as I can and pray all the time,” Alcaraz responded.

Carlos Alcaraz has been building his game around forehands
Marco Cecchinato, who trained with Cecchinato in 2022, noted that the Spaniard has been working on highlighting his powerful forehands.”I had a good training with Carlos.

He’s really an extraordinary boy, and he’s very strong. I’ve seen him grow a lot compared to the training sessions we’ve had in the past. … Compared to a year ago, he is much more powerful and he sees that he is working to play the forehand winner right away.In some ways he reminds me a lot of Rafa (Nadal),” the Italian said on the Court-side with Beilinson Tennis podcast.Besides Cecchinato, Patrick Mouratoglou also remarked Alcaraz’s forehand qualities.

“Carlos Alcaraz has been playing amazing this year. Let’s have a look at his killer forehand.As you can see, he starts his forehand motion very early. He positions his body and starts his backswing well before the ball touches the ground,” Mouratoglou said in a clip posted on his Instagram.

“His preparation is short and simple.This gives him plenty of time to prepare for the ball and avoid being late. He pushes the racket head with his left hand which helps him rotate his entire upper body and keep control of the racket. When his racket is back, see how his left shoulder is lined up just under his chin.”

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