Alexander Zverev’s private life under attack

First with Olga Sharypova and now with Brenda Patea: it is not a good moment for the German’s private life

Just over a week before the ATP Finals in Turin, an event he has already won on two occasions and in which he will once again be among the participants, Alexander Zverev also has to think about other issues that do not concern the world of tennis, but his private life.

The German is not experiencing a happy moment in his private life away from the pitch, even though he has started a relationship with the actress and influencer Sophia Thomalla a few months ago. The problems for the German are linked to previous engagements first with Olga Sharypova and then with Brenda Patea, from whom his daughter Mayla was born.

After the accusations of violence and the lawsuit filed by the Russian girl in recent years, which was dismissed due to a lack of sufficient evidence, Zverev found himself once again in court, this time for the mother of his child.

The Tiergarten District Court ruled on the case with a ruling (personal injury the alleged crime), fining the player $450,000. according to the judicial body, a trial is not necessary due to the absence of convincing evidence in favor of the accusation.

The public trial, however, will take place, because the Race’s number 7 athlete has decided to appeal the decision: “I think this whole situation is total nonsense. Anyone with a minimum of IQ can understand what it’s really about.”

The new accusations from the ex-girlfriend
Patea has returned to the attack in these hours, giving a shocking interview to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung in which she described some of her ex-boyfriend’s behavior and telling what happened in May 2020 in an apartment in Berlin, the episode that led, after some time, to contact a lawyer and report the incident. “He is a jealous man, he constantly checks my phone and sometimes a simple like from someone on a photo of me was enough to make him angry.

His anger turned into physical violence several times,” the woman confessed. Brenda then revealed that evening in the hotel, where Zverev would have grabbed her by the neck and put her against the wall, applying a lot of pressure.

The gesture, as she continued to talk about it, caused her cervical damage and difficulty swallowing in the following days. Patea also revealed an anecdote that happened in the summer of 2021, following the attempt to obtain sole custody of her daughter.

Zverev, through his trusted lawyers, would have proposed an agreement to his ex-girlfriend which immediately included a payment of 100 thousand euros, a generous monthly allowance for the maintenance of the couple (her and Mayla) and the possibility of living in one of the properties of the tennis player in Germany.

According to the girl’s story, the German wanted to obtain Brenda’s silence, that she should not reveal to anyone what had happened, as well as, apparently, not being able to have any kind of contact with the other ex Olga Sharypova.

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