Andrey Rublev reveals why he lost to Daniil Medvedev

The Russian was badly defeated by his countryman on Day 2 of the 2023 ATP Finals

Andrey Rublev played an excellent first set against Daniil Medevdev, on the day 2 of the ATP Finals in Turin. The Russian tennis player then lost the derby with his friend-rival after a second set played and lost very badly.

At the press conference, the Russian explained: “Do I regret some of the wasted chances? Of course. I had the feeling that during the rally I could have had my chances. I wasn’t able to open the court with the serve. I think he saved most of his break points thanks to his serve.

In the serve lost in the first set I missed two easy shots. These things ultimately make a huge difference. The more I play against him, the better I feel because I get used to certain things. Now I go less crazy than in the first few games.

I always expect an extra ball to arrive in my part of the pitch. Today, however, it was a fairly simple match for him.” Medvedev is one of Rublev’s best friends: just think that the former world number one chose him as the godfather of his daughter.

A circumstance that could somehow affect the matches between the two, both on one side and the other. “No, our relationship certainly concerns the personal sphere. I would say that Daniil is simply one of the best players. If you’re not in the top five, you struggle to beat him.

In general our matches were often balanced, even when the score was different. The question is more about the mental aspect in important moments,” he explained.

The match
Rublev lost for the seventh time in nine matches against Medvedev, in a match that made a road that already seemed very complicated to follow even more difficult at the start.

Rublev’s game suffered its first real blow in the central part of the opening half of the game, when he gave away the break due to a risky descent to the net which ended with a very bad volley. In the second set, the 26-year-old found himself down 1-4 in a few minutes without ever threatening in response.

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