Angel Cabrera turns over a new leaf after getting out of prison: Learned his lesson

“I think he’s in a great frame of mind for what he’s been through,” Epps said

After serving 30 months in prison for domestic assault and related charges, two-time Major champion Angel Cabrera is eyeing a return to professional golf. The 54-year-old, now on parole after his release in August, is actively working on his game in Cordoba, Argentina, with aspirations to rejoin the PGA Tour Champions circuit.

According to his coach and longtime friend Charlie Epps, Cabrera has learned from his experiences and is determined to make a comeback in professional tournament golf. “He wants to play, he’s learned his lesson, he wants to get on with his life.

I think he’s in a great frame of mind for what he’s been through,” Epps said. “He’s got to go through the mechanics of getting his visa back and then approach the PGA Tour and I think it’s going to end up being good”.

Charlie Epps on Cabrera’s quality
Playing at Cordoba Golf Club, Cabrera showed that his qualities are still there. However, at this moment, the primary thing is to get life back on track. He realized that he made a huge mistake, and obviously wants to turn over a new leaf in his life.

“He demonstrated his talent and drive is still there. We played five rounds of golf at Cordoba Golf Club, where we both grew up playing, and he was always under par. Right now, he’s just trying to get his life in shape and practice and stuff like that and get here to the United States.

He’s been humbled. He knows what he needs to do and he said he’s ready for a second chance. He prays to God he doesn’t take another drink.” Although many experience a mental breakdown in such moments and need a long time to recover, it was different with Cabrera.

Charlie Epps believes Cabrera still has the qualities to win major tournaments. “And he’s so headstrong. When he puts his mind to doing something, he’ll do it just like that. The way Angel plays on hard courses, I think he can still win the US Senior Open. I want him to be the comeback player of the year”.

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