Angelina Dimova is the most sensual Supergirl of Halloween!

High-cut body with Supergirl’s colors and S, red boots, matching jacket: fans went crazy for her

Angelina Dimova showed off a super sensual costume on Halloween night, becoming the DC superhero Supergirl. With a decidedly different costume! The beautiful former tennis player wore an extremely high-cut body with Supergirl’s colors and S, red boots and a matching jacket.

Angelina was photographed while she was putting gas in her car, and the photos of her were shared on her Instagram account. She wrote on the post: “Your superhero is in the city!” Below you can watch the shots shared by Angelina on her Instagram account:

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Angelina Dimova former tennis career
Angelina Dimova will never enter the top-10 of the WTA ranking, but the former young Ukrainian tennis star has managed to win the hearts of fans and followers with some truly spicy photos, which she shares on her Instagram account with over 861,000 followers.

She still loves tennis and continues to follow it, as evidenced by many of her IG posts, such as images, videos, stories. Having failed to become a professional tennis player, she began a career as a sports model and influencer, in addition to Instagram she has over a million followers on TikTok.

She sponsors her supercar rental business such as Lamborghini, Mustang, Mercedes, as well as posting tennis insights. On the web she is also known as a YouTuber. Her arrival in the world was really very promising in youth tournaments.

Born in 2001, her tennis career never seems to have really begun, and she now seems to have definitively turned towards a career as an influencer. As mentioned, in addition to tennis, motors are her passion, and not just supercars. In fact, she has often been seen posing and even riding motorbikes. In short, there is more than tennis!

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