Boris Becker shares a big praise for Novak Djokovic: “He is not human”

Becker talked about the incredible journey experienced by Djokovic at the US Open

Boris Becker talked about Novak Djokovic and his recent victory at the US Open 2023. The two collaborated for just over three years, from the end of 2013 until the 2016 Roland Garros.The former German champion has certainly contributed to the personal growth of Serb, who under his management has won six Grand Slam tournaments: two Australian Opens, two Wimbledons, the US Open and Roland Garros in 2015 and 2016 respectively.Djokovic showed all his support to Becker in one of the most complicated moments of his life.

The youngest Wimbledon winner in fact spent eight months in prison for fraudulent bankruptcy and was only released last December. Djokovic has been close to his family and offered support to his children without hesitation.In an exclusive interview given to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Becker talked about the incredible journey experienced by Djokovic at the US Open.

The Serbian won his 24th Slam by beating Daniil Medvedev in the final.

Becker praises Novak Djokovic: “he is not human”
The German explained: “The sky is the limit. That is, there is no limit. It’s not human to be this fit, hungry and inspired at 36 years old.

We are all curious to see where he can go. Hunger, trust that becomes certainty. A week before the final he had asked his entourage to print these t-shirts. Because winning was his goal and he was certain that he would achieve it.

I think that now he will focus on the Slam tournaments and play them one at a time without thinking about the final goal. The greatest quality about him is transformation. He is a baseline returner and to beat Medvedev he came down to the net, served and volleyed.

He changed plans. His great quality is that he adapts the game plan to the needs of the match: he always has a plan B, C, D… practically the whole alphabet. What struck me most during our collaboration? The fact that he was never satisfied.

Never! As soon as he won a big tournament, instead of celebrating he wanted to discuss what he hadn’t done well enough. I told him: Nole, let’s think about it tomorrow. And he did nothing, he went on analyzing how he could improve.

We are very close. Nole has two personalities: the one who goes on the pitch and the one off it. He is a very good person, he loves to do good, he helps children through his Foundation and if a friend is in need he is the first to give him a hand.”

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