Boris Becker shares what he finds funny in tennis after experiencing prison life

Becker served eight months in British prison last year.

Boris Becker reveals he finds it funny about what some players are complaining after experiencing how life in prison looks. Becker, a former six-time Grand Slam champion, started serving his prison time in 2022 April for bankruptcy offenses.

Eight months later, Becker was deported from Great Britain to Germany and released. Since being released, Becker several times spoke about the difficult time he experienced in prison. In one of his interviews, Becker even claimed that there were moments when he feared for his life because he was surrounded by brutal criminals and convicts.

“I’ll never forget. When I hear players complain about the pressure they experience on a break point, I laugh. When I hear players complaining about the quality of the food in the lounge, I laugh. When I hear players complaining about training conditions on the courts, I laugh.

It doesn’t mean anything when you’ve been there. The first night in prison, you don’t sleep, any more than you sleep the last night,” Becker told L’Equipe.

Becker has returned to working in tennis
This year, Becker returned to his usual role of providing tennis expertise during Grand Slams.

Recently, Becker started coaching on the ATP Tour again as he has been working with world No 10 Holger Rune since October. When Rune hired Becker, he was in pretty bad form and had won just one match since Wimbledon. Since hiring Becker, Rune made the Basel semifinal and was also a quarterfinalist at the Paris Masters.

In Paris, Rune’s run ended with a tight 5-7 7-6 (3) 4-6 loss to Novak Djokovic. “It’s never easy to reverse a negative spiral like the one I went through, and he helped me do it. I’ve come back from almost nowhere, from a period where I was losing all the time in the first round to a big match like this against Novak, close to my best level,” Rune said of Becker’s influence.

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