Camila Giorgi shares the strangest pic ever: you won’t believe it!

The beautiful Italian shared a mirror selfie, but the image is so blurred and grainy: try to imagine her outfit!

The beautiful Italian tennis player Camila Giorgi is always super sensual, even with the strangest and in some ways artistic shot that she has ever shared with her followers. Camila shared a mirror selfie, but the image is so blurred and grainy that the interpretation (even of the very sensual outfit she seems to be wearing) of the photo of her remains connected to the imagination of those who look at it.

Although the photo is very blurry, you can see a black minidress, lace tights, loose blonde hair and boots. Now try to imagine her outfit!

The beautiful Camila Giorgi
In addition to being famous for her tennis skills, Camila has proven to have a unique style and to be a true fashion icon.

Starting from the clothing she wears on the court, Camila is known for her bold and sophisticated outfits. Instead of opting for standard tennis attire, the tennis player often sports colorful and imaginative outfits, which are sure to appeal to fashion enthusiasts.

The choice of bright colors and attractive prints fully shows her outgoing and bold personality. In a recent interview, the beautiful Camila explained: “My life is not just sport. I can share tournaments, results and cups on other channels too, but on social media I like to share another kind of thing.

My femininity, my being a woman, even a blouse that I like if I it goes. No private life, that’s just mine. I consider myself an introverted person, that’s what I tell myself. They’re just photos. As long as you have a body you can show it off, take advantage of it because then at a certain age you won’t be able to show it anymore: that tells me always my mother, she has a unique taste and really enjoyed the photos.

My father is very open, he never says anything even if I wear heels or miniskirts: he lets me do everything as long as it’s done the right way.”

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