Carlos Alcaras warns Novak Djokovic, revealing his real physical form

During the Media Day in Turin, Carlitos revealed to get the ATP Finals in great form

Carlos Alcaraz is ready to play the 2023 edition of the ATP Finals, sending a warning to his direct competitors, like Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner. The Spaniard is one of the most anticipated tennis players in this new edition of the year-end Masters in Turin, considering that due to injury he had to miss the 2022 event.

However, Carlitos arrived at the prestigious event in more difficulty than one might have expected. The last tournament he won was Wimbledon, while in Paris-Bercy, the last tournament he played, he was immediately surprisingly defeated by the Russian Roman Safiullin.

In a press conference during Media Day, as reported by Marca, Alcaraz talkled about the last match played in the Tour. “The rather painful defeat in Paris made me understand that I have to work harder and harder, this is what I then did.

You always have to look for the positive side in things. Having lost early, I had several days to train and get there here in optimal conditions. I think I’ve done a great job these days both physically and tennis-wise, I feel pretty good,” he told.

Carlos Alcaras warns Novak Djokovic, revealing his real physical form
Then a warning message to Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner: “As I said and showed, I had several pains, especially the second part of the year, which was challenging.

But I took care of them in detail and worked on them. I physically arrived in Turin much better than I thought.” Caritlos has already exchanged with his Serbian rival at the PalaAlpitour: “It doesn’t surprise me how seriously Djokovic takes his training, because you train how you will play and there are no secrets.

He is practically perfect. I try to show a little joy in training and matches: he can only do me good. The fight for number 1 was one of my priorities and I basically lost it. This is something that could work in my favor because I won’t think about it. It’s a gift for me to be here, even though I obviously earned it.”

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