Carlos Alcaraz comments on playing on Beijing court where Rafael Nadal won gold medal

Carlos Alcaraz said he felt “great” and “loved” playing on the same court where Rafael Nadal won his first gold medal in 2008. Over the weekend, Alcaraz kicked off his debut at an ATP 500 event in Beijing. 15 years ago, Alcaraz’s idol Nadal won his first Olympic gold medal after beating Fernando Gonzalez in the Beijing Olympics final.

After getting a chance to play on Lotus Court at the National Tennis Center in Beijing, Alcaraz was asked how it felt playing on the same court where Nadal claimed a major win a decade and a half ago. “It was great. Honestly, it is an incredible court.

I have felt great, I have not felt the difference, really. I would even say that I like it more, it has been great. Knowing that Rafa won his Olympic medal on this court makes it even more special for me, the truth is that I loved it.

As for the surface, I didn’t feel any difference, the speed of the ball was obviously the same. I only felt the difference with respect to the stadium: the Diamond (Centre Court) is more bigger than the Lotus, here you feel that people are closer to you, and that is something I like,” Alcaraz said.

Alcaraz, Nadal might play doubles together at the 2024 Paris Olympics
For months, it has been speculated that Alcaraz and Nadal will play doubles together at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

During Wimbledon, Alcaraz said it “would be a dream” to play doubles with Nadal in what will likely be the 37-year-old’s final Olympics. In a recent interview with Spanish media, Nadal also confirmed that he is open to the idea of playing doubles with Alcaraz.

However, Nadal also said that he and Alcaraz haven’t yet talked about the prospect of playing doubles together. The general expectation is that Alcaraz and Nadal will play doubles together in Paris next year, barring an injury or an unexpected setback.

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