Carlos Alcaraz confesses how it really felt meeting Maria Sharapova

Alcaraz met Sharapova on Wednesday in Toronto.

Carlos Alcaraz said he was “in shock” when seeing Maria Sharapova in Toronto. On Wednesday, world No 1 Alcaraz met former five-time Grand Slam champion Sharapova at the Toronto Masters. Alcaraz and Sharapova took a selfie together and it was later posted on the tournament’s social media accounts.

“I watched her, you know, a lot of matches. She was a great tennis player. She was probably one of the best players in the world. And I was in shock because I didn’t expect her to be here in Toronto. And she was first in the lift and it was, She is Maria or no? You know what I mean? But it was great to meet her and know that she’s going really well, and, you know, she’s life right now.

And talk a little bit with her, it was really nice,” Alcaraz said of meeting Sharapova.

Alcaraz meets Sharapova, then wins his Toronto opener
Hours after meeting Sharapova, Alcaraz kicked off his Toronto campaign. After a first-round bye, Alcaraz defeated rising American star Ben Shelton 6-3 7-6 (3).

“He’s really, really tough. So he’s a real aggressive one. He didn’t let me play my game that is aggressive going to the net. So he did it almost every time. So he’s really nice,” Alcaraz said.Shelton, 20, reached the Australian Open quarterfinal and he is one of the most talented young players in the game.

Shelton has a big and powerful game and Alcaraz admitted it took him some time before he adjusted to the American’s style. “Honestly, I never played against someone that hit the ball as hard as he hit. It’s something crazy…

some serves at 235. Honestly, I almost broke my string. I mean, he’s going to be over there a long time, I’m sure. We are going to play so many matches more. And really happy to get through and have another opportunity to be a little bit more better in the next round,” Alcaraz said.

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