Carlos Alcaraz has run out of options, but he can find them again

The young Spanish tennis star should regain confidence and physical form after the troubles of the last weeks

Carlos Alcaraz was sensationally eliminated in the second round at the ATP Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy against Roman Safiullin, and sees his chances of finishing first at the end of this season significantly reduced. Very clearly it will also depend on the performance of Novak Djokovic, who after Jannik Sinner’s retirement in Paris and the elimination of Daniil Medvedev has an authentic highway towards the 40th ATP Masters 1000 title of his career.

Carlitos didn’t want to blame physical problems, even if he looked a little tired. As he himself said, it seems clear that the things that previously worked well in his tennis have now broken down. The options are finite, but it’s surely a matter of time before he finds them again.

Carlitos reveals why he has no more options
In the press conference after the defeat in Paris, he said: “Not at all, no physical problems. I just didn’t feel well. A lot of things to improve, a lot of things to practice. I think I didn’t move well.

I have time before the Finals , many days of training to be able to get to the level I want to play at. But right now I’m not in the right time to talk about it. Honestly after the defeat, I have to take some time, thinking about the next few days: thinking about what I have to do or what I will do.

But obviously before the ATP Finals start, we have time. After this defeat I have no more options, all the options I had to get to number 1 at the end of the year are gone. We don’t have to think about this, I think there is zero possibility.

It hurts to lose in the first rounds of tournaments where you expect to reach the final rounds or from which you expect the maximum. Today is one of the few times I don’t want to think about the next few days, about training, but we have to do it, because there’s still a tournament to go. These defeats hurt a lot.”

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