Carlos Alcaraz on Luis Rubiales scandal: “It’s a shame”

Alcaraz commented on a non-consensual kiss from Rubiales to soccer player Hermoso.

Carlos Alcaraz was asked after the US Open first round match against Dominik Koepfer, what he thought about the scandal of Spanish Soccer Federation president Luis Rubiales.Spanish women’s national team recently won the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

After the final against England Rubiales gave a kiss to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso. He did it without her approval and yet he has no intention of resigning.The biggest discussions about Rubiales take place in Spain, but the case continues to make global news.

Alcaraz spoke on Tuesday to ABC’s Javier Ansorena about that after his victory over Koepfer. “I have followed the matter, obviously it is something that has given rise to a lot of talk. And much more so in Spain. We are here [in New York] and we do not know everything that has happened, but the fact that the story has reached here tells you how big it is” Alcaraz said.

Alcaraz on Rubiales: “Women’s team didn’t receive much credit”
Alcaraz added that behavior and reaction of Rubiales to the affair were not appropriate to the position he occupies in Spanish football.

“In my opinion, these are attitudes that senior people should not display” Alcaraz said.The leader of the ATP ranking also admitted that he regrets that such a story happened at all. In his book, for this reason too little is said about the success of the Spanish team at the World Cup.

The scandal with Rubiales distracted fan’s attention from sports result. “Hopefully it gets fixed soon as the women’s team has made a historic achievement and it has not received much credit. It’s a shame” Alcaraz added.As reported by, FIFA has suspended Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales for 90 days. For the moment he refused to resign despite pressure from the government, fans and players in Spain.

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