Carlos Alcaraz reveals his brutal truth: “I’m not yet mature for these situations”

Carlitos tried to explain the defeat at the press conference, also underlining his feelings about it

Carlos Alcaraz will not be able to defend the US Open final: the Spaniard was defeated in four sets by Daniil Medvedev, who will now challenge Novak Djokovic in the final.The Russian played a practically perfect match, getting into his opponent’s head and nullifying him psychologically and tactically, anticipating his every shot and forcing him to make an anomalous number of unforced errors.Carlitos tried to explain the defeat at the press conference, also underlining his feelings about it.He said: “I started the match very well.

It was a very hard-fought first set. In the tiebreak I lost my head, let’s say, at 3-3. I played three or four points out of control. Without thinking. It was difficult manage that moment. In the second set I didn’t get back on track.

I was like on the moon! Obviously Daniil played very well. It was difficult to get back into the match. I almost hit the racket on the ground, it was difficult to stay calm. This kind of match can happen. He played great. I couldn’t or didn’t know how to find solutions.

I thought I had gotten better at finding solutions when the match isn’t going the right way. But this match makes me change my mind. I’m not mature enough to manage certain situations. I have to learn.”Of the New York crowd, he said: “The crowd was amazing once again to feel the energy and love towards me.

Once I was down two sets they pushed me to raise my level. And the last game was unforgettable for the support they gave me. I won’t forget it even if I lost.”

Alcaraz talked about his opponent
Regarding his opponent, Alcaraz explained: “With Medvedev we have played three times this year.

One final of a Masters 1000 and two Grand Slam semifinals. I’m sure we will play other important matches at the bottom of the tournaments, I think it will be a good rivalry. In every match between us we have seen great battles.

I think it will be a good rivalry, yes. He put more speed into his ball. The forehand was at its best today. In the other matches the slice helped me find my game, but I couldn’t today. So he moved, he served well, he didn’t make mistakes.

He said he gave 10 out of 10 today, so it means he played well! I certainly have to learn to find solutions in this type of match, but he certainly played “A great match. He’s one of the best returners on the tour. It’s wonderful how he can return very deep and strong while standing very far back.

And when I serve and volley, he always finds passersby from his house. In a way, it’s wonderful. Obviously it’s up to me to find the best serve on every occasion, and I have to be able to find the best position on the court after the serve.

I will do it next time.”

Carlos Alcaraz says he wasn’t mature enough to handle the match tonight against Daniil Medvedev:

“These kind of matches can happen. Even if I feel I’m a more mature, different player.

He played really really great. A great game. I couldn’t find solutions. I thought right now I’m…

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