Carlos Alcaraz reveals his first Grand Slam wish for 2024 season

Alcaraz competed in three Grand Slams this year and won Wimbledon.

Carlos Alcaraz highlights his first wish for the 2024 season is to be able to play in all four Grand Slams. This year, Alcaraz competed in three out of four Grand Slams as a knee injury forced him to miss the Australian Open.

After becoming a Grand Slam champion at the 2022 US Open, Alcaraz lifted his second Slam title at this year’s Wimbledon. Overall, it has been a great 2024 season for Alcaraz, who has won six titles this year and been ranked at No 1 a couple of times.

“Well, next year I’m looking for playing the four Grand Slams. I hope to not miss any of them. I will try to do the same things that I’m doing this year. I could be more than happy if I won the same tournaments that I won so far of the results that I’m doing this year.

That’s my goal to next year. That’s obviously. Right now I’m really happy with the level I’m playing, with the result I receive so far. The year is not over. There is few tournaments ahead. So hopefully to end that year as good as it started,” Alcaraz said.

Alcaraz on constantly receiving heavy praise
At just 20, Alcaraz has been able to accomplish very much. Alcaraz has taken tennis by the storm and he is often on the receiving end of high praises.

Addressing that, Alcaraz insists being praised heavily doesn’t put any additional pressure on him. “Well, I don’t feel that pressure. For me is great to be surrounded by legends and hear good words from them. But I try not to take as important as it is.

It’s just happy to hear that and try to simulate it on the court, you know, my joy. It’s something great for me, but I try not to listen it too much,” Alcaraz said. This week, Alcaraz is competing in Beijing.

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