Carlos Alcaraz shares what he is trying to learn from ‘unbelievable’ Novak Djokovic

Alcaraz shows major respect for Djokovic at the US Open.

Carlos Alcaraz declared Novak Djokovic’s tennis “unbelievable” and revealed he is trying to learn from the Serb’s astonishing mental strength and implement it in his game. Alcaraz, 20, and 36-year-old Djokovic are creating an outstanding rivalry as they have had a couple of thriller high-quality matches over the last few months.

At the US Open, many are rooting to see an Alcaraz and Djokovic final. “Well, obviously he’s one of the greatest of all time from our sport. No doubt about it. Everything he does in the game is unbelievable. Probably his mental rock.

I going to say he never gives up. I mean, tough, tough moment, probably he shows that he’s down and he’s going to lose, and he’s always giving the chance to himself to keep playing and be able to win. Probably that’s the most important thing that he has, and I try to take in my own game.

Like in the final that we played, it was exactly the same I’m talking about. That’s something that I learn and I’ll try to do in my own game,” Alcaraz said of Djokovic.

Alcaraz on how he feels in New York this year
Last year, Alcaraz became a Grand Slam champion at the US Open after beating Casper Ruud in the final.

Now that Alcaraz is a US Open champion, more people recognize him in the streets of New York. Although it’s not bad to in that situation, Alcaraz admits not everything that is perfect. “Sometimes I like it; sometimes no. Sometimes you want to feel like a normal guy, to walk normally.

Here in New York, there are a lot of Spanish people, South American people as well. It’s difficult for me to walk normally sometimes. Yeah, I wish some days to be someone not recognized at all. But it’s going to be impossible. I have to enjoy that part as well.

But sometimes it makes difficult,” Alcaraz said. In the US Open first round, Alcaraz plays against Dominik Koepfer.

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