Carlos Alcaraz slams ATP Finals surface: “It’s too fast”

The Spanish tennis player was defeated in three sets by Alexander Zverev in his first ATP Final match

Carlos Alcaraz played his first career match at the ATP Finals, suffering a defeat against Alexander Zverev. The Spaniard did not appear to be in his best condition, also considering that a few weeks ago he missed the Basel tournament due to a foot problem, and he faced one of the tennis players capable of often putting him in difficulty.

Alexander Zverev beat him in a comeback relying on a formidable serve, but Alcaraz made unusual errors in important moments of the match. The most sensational one materialized in the central part of the decisive set, when he misjudged Zverev’s response on the break point and left a shot that remained well on the court.

Carlos Alcaraz rips the ATP Finals surface: “It’s too fast”
At the press conference, Carlitos explained: “It was really difficult. I think it was a balanced match, but I didn’t take advantage of the opportunities I had. He has one of the strongest serves on the Tour.

I didn’t take advantage of several break points: I think this was the key to the match. Physical problems in recent weeks? I don’t think it’s due to that. I feel good physically. I probably haven’t played many matches in this final part of the season, but some performances have been positive for me, even if I lost.

I don’t think I need more games at the end of the year. This is the fastest surface of the year. All other tournaments played on hard courts did not have these conditions and the courts were much slower. I don’t understand why they made this choice.

To have a chance now, I will have to be focused against Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev.” The Spanish tennis player will now play against Andrey Rublev in the next round, to have the chance to take alive the hope to get the semifinal of the year-end Master. He will then play in the last match of the group against Daniil Medvedev.

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