Coco Gauff bites into the Big Apple’s U.S. Open title fearless, confident and happy

Wanting a grand slam is one thing, but winning one is quite another. Coco Gauff has proven she’s brought the goods to enjoy the banquet for perhaps many more to come

“I just knew that if I didn’t give it my all, I had no shot at winning,” the 19-year-old now U.S. Open champ Coco Gauff, said shaking her head in disbelief. She’d gone through defeating someone even younger than herself, Mirra Andreeva to the seasoned veterans and a comeback player, Caroline Wozniacki.

It seemed surreal that claiming victory over Aryna Sabalenka in three sets wasn’t a walk in Flushing Meadows Park either. “She’s a tough power player and keeps you always playing on your back foot…” Gauff seriously said. The physical heat in New York City during this Open was a defining moment of not only getting through a match but winning it.

Coco mentioned that living and practicing in Florida has given her strength to play well in the sweltering temperatures. “The heat means nothing to me and I guess that mattered with the Wozniacki game and the Ostapenko match because it was smoking…that day…” Coco Gauff has a brand new demeanor now that the U.S.

Open championship round and winning the title is over. She explained on her stressful situations saying “I felt pressured to back up the final (of the French Open) and I obviously didn’t…then Wimbledon happened and it was a tough loss and I thought I was playing good tennis…” People have asked her is she ready to take all that being a Slam winner has to give and she said yes she is.

Coco knows with everything comes the bad but also the good. Gauff emphasized about the haters saying that “to those who thought they were putting water on my fire, you’re really adding gas…” She is defiant on not letting anyone break her spirits and keeps things honest.

“This is a big achievement but I’m ready…I know how to keep my peace and embrace all of this around me…” Here’s hoping that she can maintain clarity when the mood and atmosphere can engulf players in a compromising atmosphere and duties they have to maintain.

Coco Gauff admitted that she feels a bit more relaxed now that she’s captured a grand slam title and ready to move on; but still has that ‘ah, ha’ moment and keeps saying to herself “Oh my goodness, how is this real…”

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