Coco Gauff shows the incredible potential of smart glasses

The young US tennis player is enjoying the off-season, and in the meantime collaborates with Meta and Ray-Ban to promote the new super technological glasses

Coco Gauff is enjoying the off-season, after the WTA Finals in Cancun and an exceptional year. The young tennis player had an exceptional season, culminating in the sumptuous summer when she won the US Open. The young Coco, a style icon for many young people of her generation (and not only!) recently collaborated with Meta and Ray-Ban to promote their new smart glasses.

It is a device that allows those who use it to capture and share snapshots of life. Through a promotional video, Coco showed off the glasses in different glimpses of her private life. Gauff revealed how the glasses help her take her mind off tennis and enjoy the important moments of her life: “Nothing’s better for my game than taking my mind off my game.

When I was younger, a lot of people used to think I lived, breathed, and ate tennis. I just feel like people only see the work on court, but don’t realize how many things I like to do off the court. I like to do a lot of things.

I have two younger brothers . It feels like home when I’m with them. Just hanging out with my friends, doing things that teenagers do. Sometimes I would wrap myself into tennis and kind of lose my identity off the court. Finding out why I’m off- court made me value myself as a person more than an athlete.”

But before the offseason, Coco talked about the US Tennis status
In a recent interview, as we told you, the very strong Coco talked about the current status of US tennis, sharing in interesting words: “The state of American tennis is exceptional.

Not to overshadow the men, but in reality it is equal on both sides. I’m really, really happy with what the men and women players are doing. Having a lot of top 30 players on both sides. It’s just super exciting. With Lindsay as captain, I think she’s a really great new addition to the Billie Jean King Cup team.

I’ve met her a couple of times. I haven’t talked about tennis with her yet, but I’m really excited to see what I can learn from her. I hope I can be a good player under her guidance. I on the other hand feel like sometimes I tend to look towards the next thing.

During the season, it is difficult to reflect all the time. After this last tournament, I think we will have enough time to reflect and be proud of all the things I have done, but I also look for improvements on how I can do even better. I think the most important thing is just how you respond mentally, accepting it for what it is.”

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