Elon Musk: “Novak Djokovic achieved a Slam record without a vaccine”

The CEO of X responded to a post by the journalist Ed Krassenstein,

Elon Musk mentioned Novak Djokovic’s vaccine issue in a post, explaining how the Serbian champion achieved a Slam record despite not being vaccinated. The CEO of X responded to a post by the journalist Ed Krassenstein, who said that no vaccine was 100% effective on all new possible variants.

The journalist wrote: “I believe the changes in efficacy are the result of new strains and depletion of vaccine immunity. It’s stupid that anyone ever claimed it was 100% effective. No vaccine is 100% foolproof.” Musk explained that while he is not against the vaccine, he does not dispute those who do not believe in it.

In support of those who fought against accepting the shot, Musk then cited Novak Djokovic

Elon Musk responded: “My concern was more about the outrageous demand that people have to get the vaccine and the multiple boosters to do anything.

This was a mess. Until the Supreme Court invalidated Biden’s executive order, SpaceX and many other companies would be forced to fire anyone who refused to get vaccinated!”

Musk: “Djokovic achieved a Slam record without a vaccine”
Musk then added, also expressing on Novak Djokovic: “We wouldn’t have done it.

I would rather go to prison than fire good people who don’t want to get vaccinated. As for me, I got the original Covid before the vaccine came out (mild cold symptoms) and I have had to have three vaccines to travel.

The third shot almost sent me to the hospital.

How many other people have symptoms that are due to the Covid vaccine or treatment, rather than Covid itself?

As for those who haven’t had any vaccines, well, Djokovic just won a record number of grand slams. It’s not that I don’t believe in vaccines, I do.

However, the cure cannot potentially be worse than the disease. And the public debate about effectiveness should not be closed.”

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