Fans react to “scary” Djokovic bringing vacation beard to Cincinnati

Other fans described Novak Djokovic’ new look as similar to Messi’s.

Tennis fans reacted on social media to the new bearded look that Djokovic sported after his arrival in Cincinnati. Novak brought his vacation beard to the courts. Take a look.

Here are some of the reactions to Nole’s new bearded style.”Bearded Novak gonna be scary,” a fan commented.”Loading…new mythical tennis player: bearded Djokovic,” another fan wrote on Instagram.

“Beardovic,” another fan described Novak.

“Djokovic looks like Messi in a beard”
Novak’s followers first noticed his bearded look in some photos from his post-Wimbledon vacation. Then, one fan compared Nole’s beard with Messi’s while others expected him to shave before getting back into competition.

Here are a few of the comments:

“Novak with moustache & beard. It’s not that he’s disguising himself, look at his cap & T shirt (crocodile emoji). Having a rest from shaving? My husband says it’s a pain.
Will he shave before he goes to the US? What do you think guys? Yes or No?”

“He looks more handsome in a beard, he looks like Messi in a beard, so please keep it always and never shave it off.”
“He is on vacation, so shaving is not his priority.”
“Sure hope he will [shave].

I miss that neat face already.”

“Love Nole with stubble but this neat one just melts my heart” — Mica Pasic (@MicaPasic) August 1, 2023

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