Feliciano Lopez Details Why Roger Federer Was Such A Nightmare Opponent

Lopez was beaten by Federer in each of their nine meetings.

Feliciano Lopez suggests Roger Federer’s tennis quality and astonishing mental strength made the Swiss such a nightmare opponent. Lopez, a former world No 12, had a chance to play against Federer several times. Also, Lopez several times played against th rest of the Big Three group which includes Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

Against Federer, Lopez had nine meetings and every time ended on the losing side. In his meetings against Nadal, Lopez had four wins and 10 losses. Lopez didn’t have much success against Djokovic either but at least he clinched one win in their 10 meetings.

Lopez on playing Federer
“He usually imposed himself by his quality as a tennis player. Mentally he was very strong, a beast. The three, even the four because I include Murray, are mentally at a different level. Federer imposed his dominance on the court because tennis wise he overwhelmed you.

He was so good that you could not play at the pace you wanted: a different ball speed, a beastly rhythm and intensity of play. Each with their own particularities, it was very difficult to face them. There was nothing apart that made you suffer against him.

His tennis was enough for him,” Lopez told CLAY.In his nine meetings against Federer, Lopez just four times managed to win a set and four of their nine meetings were played at the Grand Slam level. Interestingly, Lopez and Federer met for the first time at 2003 Wimbledon – when the Swiss famously won his first Grand Slam title.

In the 2003 Wimbledon round-of-16, Federer beat Lopez in straight sets and then went on to win the title. Over the next 14 years, the two met eight more times – with Federer ending on the winning side each time. Their last meeting came at the 2017 US Open, when Federer clinched a three-set win. Lopez and Federer are now both retired and they will never again meet in a pro match.

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