Feliciano Lopez Highlights One Thing About Rafael Nadal’s 2024 Comeback

Nadal set to miss the remainder of the 2023 season but he is expected to return in 2024.

Feliciano Lopez says there is no doubt that Rafael Nadal will return to tennis in 2024 only if he feels he can compete at a high level. Nadal, 37, has been sidelined since the Australian Open due to an injury suffered to his psoas muscle.

After being forced to skip the French Open, Nadal surgically addressed his psoas muscle injury and he is set to miss the remainder of the 2023 season. “He is fine and his recovery is going well. Knowing Rafa and watching his career, it’s hard for me to see him enter a tennis court without feeling competitive.

If everything goes well, in 2024 we will see him playing well. At what level? It’s difficult to know because it’s a big question mark. It’s been a long time, after the injury at Wimbledon 2022 he played very little.

But he has all the rest of the year to recover,” Lopez told CLAY.

Lopez: Nadal will return only if he feels competitive
Throughout his entire career, Nadal has been one of the most competitive players on the Tour. When Nadal announced his French Open withdrawal, he said he did it because he felt he wouldn’t be able to play his best.

“Yes, I’m sure that if Rafa returns to play tennis he will do it competitively. Sometimes being away from the courts helps you to see things differently, to come back with enthusiasm and desire. Because keep in mind that being 15 or 20 years at that level of demand saturates you mentally.

Being away from your family and your son can help a lot,” Lopez said.In May, Nadal revealed his intention to retire from pro tennis in 2024. But some think that if Nadal returns healthy and does well in his return, he will decide to continue his career beyond the 2024 season.

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