Holger Rune prepares the battle for the ATP Finals

The Dane, who is still in the running to qualify for the year-end Master, taked about his chances to be in Turin and his work with Boris Becker

Holger Rune prepares the final chase for the ATP Finals. The Danish tennis player is still in the running to qualify for the year-end Master in Turin. He is eighth in the Race, but with some rivals ready to overtake him. For this reason, the ATP Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy is crucial to his seasonal goal.

“It’s a good fight. It’s the last push of the season. I’m really ready to give my best and then prepare for the next one. It’s been great working with Boris Becker so far, what we’re working on is what you see on the pitch. We made some changes to be able to get back on track a little more.

And I think I was willing to make those little changes. I played better tennis in Basel and was fighting very well. Obviously I haven’t found my best level yet, but I’m definitely building something more. I think the more peace and tranquility there is around a tennis player or athlete, the better their performance will be and, if there is less of it, the more difficult it will be to maintain concentration.

It’s definitely been difficult for me to be the best version of myself and that’s not good for any athlete,” he said of the difficult time in recent weeks, during the ATP podcast in Paris. It’s all behind us, though: Now the focus is on qualifying for the Finals in Turin, the first Finals of his career.

Holger Rune prepares the battle for the ATP Finals
“Last year it would have been amazing to do it, but I didn’t expect to do it at all. Before the last three tournaments, I wasn’t even close, so I had a big sprint. Then, suddenly, it was possible to do it.

But during this tournament I didn’t think about it because in every match I played against the top 10 opponents. It just happened and I’m trying to do the same now, not try or anything to look for it, but I just do everything I can on the pitch and in the end I hope to make it,” concluded Rune.

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