“I hated myself, I hurt myself physically,” why Kyrgios’ story must be known

The Australian champion talked about the desperation of his depression. A story that all kids should read

Nick Kyrgios missed the entire 2023 season, due to persistent physical problems that led him to undergo surgery on his knee and then his wrist. Precisely the year in which he defended the Wimbledon final won the previous year and the position of number 20 in the ATP rankings, with which he ended 2022.

Kyrgios confessed to having suffered from depression and causing himself physical pain. And his story should be read and known by all young people. I say this because it is fundamentally a story of redemption. How to accept and face a certain situation, keep it at bay, relegate it.

Don’t cancel it completely: each side is something that we carry with us and inside us. Something to analyze and try to understand, in order to better understand ourselves and learn to accept, to overcome.

Nick Kyrgios’ words are pretty important to know
During the Piers Morgan Uncensored program on TalkTV, Kyrgios explained: “It was a pretty dark time, honestly.

I won tournaments on the professional circuit drinking every night, getting injuries, burning things on my arm, cutting myself on my body for fun. bad it became an addiction. I hated myself. I hated getting up and becoming Nick Kyrgios.” One of those who noticed it shortly after was Andy Murray, who even declared to the Australian’s manager, John Morris, that Nick was hiding cuts on his arms.

Kyrgios went on to underline how Murray has always supported and supported him. “Andy has always supported me a lot. As soon as I arrived on the Tour he saw that there was a lot of talent to hone and a lot of work to do, so he immediately protected me.

Soon after, at a certain point in my career, he realized that I was a coachable player and that I was creating my own path, but he remained someone who was always there for whatever I needed. He saw my marks and asked me what was on my arm.

I was feeling pretty bad at the time. Of course Andy was trying to give me advice and help me, but I was so closed in on myself that I couldn’t feel anything at the time. To this day I am very grateful to him, I thank him very much for what he did.” The Aussie tennis player will be expected in Australia at the beginning of 2024 to play the home Slam with his ranking protected and move up the ranking.

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