Iga Swiatek details why she temporarily stopped wearing Roger Federer’s On shoes

In March, Swiatek signed a deal with Federer’-backed On company.

Iga Swiatek explains she temporarily returned to wearing Asics shoes because together with On she has been working on “making the perfect shoe” for herself. In March, world No 1 Swiatek joined Swiss company On – where tennis icon Roger Federer is an investor.

While Swiatek is wearing On clothes, she is playing again with her old Asics shoes. In Cincinnati, Swiatek explained why she is not currently wearing On shoes. “We’re working together to make the perfect shoe, and that’s why I switched the shoe that I was playing with before.

So with On, we’re basically doing the shoe that is going to be kind of perfect for my movements and my style of running. We are really, really close, but there are still some things that I would like to change,” Swiatek said.

Federer’s presence impacted Swiatek’s decision to join On
Since 2019, Swiss tennis legend Federer has been investing in On.

In the spring, the Federer-backed company announced Swiatek and rising ATP star Ben Shelton as their new ambassadors. After agreeing to a sponsorship deal with On, four-time Grand Slam champion Swiatek admitted that Federer’s involvement with the company had a positive impact on her decision.

“Well, from my side, I think just the fact that Roger is involved in that kind of company is just a good kind of recommendation for tennis players. I think also he influenced a lot on their side, so that’s why they want to go further and they want to sign players.

But I’m pretty happy that we could make it happen because I feel like we share the same values. They have, like, kind of a personal approach for the players. I feel like it’s treating me first like a person but not mainly as a machine to win, you know? It’s a nice feeling to have that kind of support. I’m really happy that I’m starting this new chapter,” Swiatek said.

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