Iga Swiatek one match away from a sensational milestone

The Pole can return to WTA world no.1 and unseat Aryna Sabalenka

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Iga Swiatek has reached the final of the Cancun WTA Finals 2023, and is preparing to reach a sensational milestone, just one match away. The Polish tennis player won by dominating the match against the world number one Aryna Sabalenka and now has the great chance to regain the 1st spot in the WTA ranking and end the season ahead of everyone, in that first place that she lost only some time ago, thus ousting the Belarusian.

It was the most awaited match of the tournament but to be honest there was no story. Iga dominated the match and won the match (number 2 against number 1) with the result of 6-3 6-2 in just over an hour and 30 minutes of play.

It must be said that the match lasted basically two days due to the suspension of the previous day and the wind in Mexico created quite a few problems for both (as well as for all the tennis players). Now only the American Jessica Pegula can take the lead away from the Pole.

Iga is currently 5-3 ahead in head-to-head matches, but she won their last match in August and Jess is perhaps the worst opponent for Swiatek’s tennis.

Iga Swiatek one match away from the WTA no.1 spot
Iga, during the match, was good on the restart, immediately winning the break and taking advantage of a anything but simple start for the Belarusian.

Break 3 to 1 and both then maintain serve without problems with the first set ending with the result 6-3. In the second set, the third game is the decisive one with Iga getting the break after four chances, Sabalenka tries to fight but gives up and in fact that is where the match ends.
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The final break at 5-2 counts relatively and Iga closes with the result of 6-3;6-2. Two dominated semi-finals with Iga Swiatek and Jessica Pegula proving to be the two fittest tennis players of the moment. Pegula comes from eight consecutive victories, also fresh from the success in the Seoul tournament, while Iga Swiatek comes from as many as ten consecutive victories, fresh from the victory in the Bejing tournament.

In short, it promises to be a great challenge and the organizers have moved it to the following day to give Swiatek the right amount of rest.

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