Iga Swiatek sparks curiosity, practices with tape on her mouth in Montreal

Swiatek practiced with an unconventional method in Montreal.

Iga Swiatek was spotted practicing with her mouth taped in Montreal, as revealed by Vanni Gibertini. When a picture of Swiatek practicing with a piece of tape on her mouth was posted, it sparked curiosity among fans.

One fan may have given the answer: “Iga is probably testing mewing and nose breathing.
I’m trying to practice it as well. Not easy during sport but highly effective for respiratory tract. Is that right @MRyszczuk?” The person tagged Maciej Ryszczuk, who is Swiatek’s physiotherapist. But there was no response from Ryszczuk.

Swiatek is the top-seeded player in Montreal
Swiatek, 22, is set to make her third appearance at the National Bank Open.

This year, the National Bank Open is being held in Montreal. Previously, Swiatek’s first two appearances at the National Bank Open came when the tournament was taking place in Toronto. In 2019 and 2022, Swiatek suffered round-of-16 losses at the National Bank Open.

This year, Swiatek will definitely be determined to do better at the tournament. Also, Swiatek arrived in Montreal in fine form, having won Warsaw a week earlier. “I want to thank my team and my family. It’s not easy to play in Warsaw, but I’m so happy that we could manage and do everything we could today, after a pretty tiring day yesterday.

I wanted to put it all in and go for it. I’m pretty happy that I did,” Swiatek said after winning Warsaw.In Montreal, Swiatek will try to win back-to-back titles. But after Swiatek won Warsaw, she noticed there were some trying to belittle her Warsaw title.”What a week it was.

I read somewhere that the 250 WTA tournament is not as important as my next challenges in Canada and in the US. Well…to me it was VERY important and I’m happy I felt so much support and positive energy from you, fans. Thank you for that and see you soon,” Swiatek wrote on X.In Montreal, Swiatek has a first-round bye.

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