Martina Navratilova appears to call out Serena Williams: Has not said a word

Navratilova has been very vocal in her belief that trans people should not be allowed to play in women’s sports.

Martina Navratilova appeared to call out Serena Williams for being silent on the trans inclusion in women’s sports issue. Navratilova, a former 18-time Grand Slam champion and one of the greatest players in tennis history, has been very loud in her views that trans people should not be allowed to participate in women’s sports.

Most recently, Navratilova slammed the Canadian Powerlifting Union over their decision to ban powerlifter April Hutchinson for two years over calling her opponent “a biological male.” Reacting to the Hutchinson news, Navratilova wrote: “And people still wonder why the female athletes don’t speak up more??? This won’t stand CPU- you are as wrong as it gets.”

Navratilova: Williams has not said a word one way or another
One fan applauded Navratilova for speaking out on the issue and also asked the former 18-time Grand Slam champion where Williams, Chris Evert, and Billie Jean King stand on the trans inclusion topic.

“Thank you for speaking out Martina, but where are your contemporaries who have the loudest voices, Chris, Billie Jean, Serena? Where are the female leaders with the loudest voices, Hillary, Michelle O, Nancy P? Why are they all silent on this issue?” Answering the question, Navratilova wrote: “Chris is with me on this, Billie is for inclusion and Serena has not said a word one way or another.”

In June, Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley spoke in favor of the inclusion of trans people in women’s tennis.
Navratilova didn’t agree with Tiley that it was a good idea. “Oh boy. This is not a good idea at all. Trans athletes are included in sports- in the biological category, not in their chosen category. By including trans identified males in females sports, spots for biological females are taken away. I am not ok with that,” Navratilova said at the time.

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