Matteo Berrettini’s girlfriend warns him: “I want a child!”

The Italian showgirl linked to the tennis player revealed that she wants another child

Matteo Berrettini’s girlfriend Melissa Satta has warned the Italian tennis player that she wants another child. The Italian is going through a difficult moment in terms of tennis. Constant injuries have slowed his rise and the Italian has literally collapsed in the rankings.

The risk that Matteo could soon leave the Top 100 is real, and now he is around the 90th position, and the fans await his return. During this season, many haters have placed the blame for this physical collapse and results on the showgirl Melissa Satta, the tennis player’s partner.

In the last few hours Melissa has intervened again on the matter. The couple made up of Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini now seems to be going swimmingly. The tennis player recently attended the Ryder Cup where the woman hosted the event.

After some rumors about an alleged breakup, the two showed themselves to be more close than ever. Matteo is currently out due to injury, there was talk of returning to the court but the Italian will probably return directly in 2024.

The Italian tennis player had a good Wimbledon in 2023 and, the hope of all his fans, is to come back in form to play a good season the next year.

Matteo Berrettini’s girlfriend warns him: “I want a child!”
Melissa Satta was a guest on the Rai TV program Belve and answered many questions.

Here are his words specifically: “The criticisms of Matteo? They are all coaches, but professionalism is not excluded from anything else and then one has a duty with sponsors and certain agreements, one must also live. My relationship with my partner and with my son? I try my hardest and I can define myself as a very strict and apprehensive mother.

I am ambitious and there is always something more I could do. I would also like to have another child, although it is never the right time if you think about it . Actually, it could always be the right time.”

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