Matthew Perry didn’t become a tennis star because of his father

The late beloved actor was called ‘Canada’s Great Promise’, before his tennis career ended due to his father’s choice

When he played tennis as a boy, the late Matthew Perry was called Canada’s Great Promise, so much so that at 13 he looked like he could become a world champion. However, he never became a pressure player, mainly due to some decisions of his father.

The career of the beloved American actor known for his portrayal of Chandler Bing in the famous sitcom Friends has been marked by a profound sense of dissatisfaction. While audiences know about his success on the small screen, few are aware of his past as a promising tennis player who seemed destined to become a sports star.

In this investigation, we will examine the critical role Perry’s father played in sabotaging this dream, leading to his failed tennis career. Childhood and passion for tennis From an early age, Matthew Perry demonstrated a natural talent for the game of tennis.

Thanks to the continuous support from his parents, Perry dedicated himself with determination to this discipline, proving very promising in youth tournaments. In the video below shared by the Facebook page Icons +, you can watch a glimpse of Matthew’s young tennis career, and his father influenced the end of Perry’s professional tennis path.

Matthew Perry didn’t become a tennis star because of his father
However, the move to Los Angeles changed everything. The high competitiveness in the area, excessive expectations and anxiety played a fundamental role. This constant weight generated unsustainable performance anxiety for Matthew, which soon turned into a burden for the young tennis player.

The constant pressure revealed its destructive nature, which undermined Perry’s confidence and turned into a chain of sporting failures. He often trained for 10 hours per day, but at age 15, he moved from Ottawa to live with his father in Los Angeles, where competition was tougher.

Matthew Perry’s connection with tennis dates back to childhood, when he began playing at an amateur level. Matthew Perry’s failed career as a tennis player was largely driven by a father figure who changed expectations of him.

However, the nip in the bud of his tennis career paved the way for his career as an actor. In fact, this sad chapter in his life turned out to be only a prelude to his rebirth as a successful actor, which allowed him to earn the admiration of millions of fans around the world.

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