Nick Kyrgios calls out haters: “People just can’t keep out their mouth”

The Australian addressed his haters amid injury setback.

Nick Kyrgios addressed his haters on Instagram Stories, implying that as he gets “bigger”, he will naturally have more enemies. “The bigger you get… the bigger the target. People just can’t keep me out their mouth,” Kyrgios wrote.

For more context, after Nick announced his withdrawal from the US Open, many rushed to believe Nick won’t be able to play again on the big stages of tennis. Kyrgios, however, reminded everyone that he’ll be back. “Heartbroken about the US Open.

I will be back. My wrist is not ready yet to compete. But may I remind people I have a protected ranking of 21 when I choose to be back, lIl be back where I belong,” Kyrgios said in a statement posted on his Instagram Story.

Kyrgios appreciates the ones who stood by him
Apart from dealing with haters, Nick Kyrgios recently thanked everyone who stood by him during his dark period.

“I look back on the days when all I had were dark thoughts…. I appreciate everyone who stood by me in that period….. every single day I have now is a blessing. Let this be a reminder, something small you do for someone, can change their life,” Kyrgios wrote on Instagram.

Since Kyrgios is not going to play US Open and the Ultimate Tennis Showdown event in Frankfurt, taking place between the 15 and 17 of September, we’re likely going to see the Australian back on the courts only in October.

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