Nick Kyrgios shares reason why he won’t retire from tennis just yet

Kyrgios was limited to just one tournament this year.

Nick Kyrgios reveals winning at least one Grand Slam before retiring is driving him to return to tennis and make a really strong comeback. Kyrgios, 28, competed in just one tournament this year due to knee and wrist injuries.

After a career-best season in 2022, it was certainly very disappointing for Kyrgios to basically be forced to miss the entire 2023 season. Kyrgios, who was beaten by Novak Djokovic in a four-set Wimbledon final last year, is motivated to return and do some great things.

“When you’re winning, everything’s brighter. It’s good money, the crowd loves it. I think my type of tennis is something that brings a lot of people together and gets people to have a couple of drinks and enjoy it and give them the entertainment that they want.

I want to just be able to say I won one grand slam, singles, before I retire. I think that’s really driving me. I was so close, I was two sets away. I guess that’s what’s driving me,” Kyrgios told Nine’s Wide World of Sports.

Kyrgios on why he’d love so much to win Wimbledon
For years, Kyrgios was suggesting that Wimbledon was probably his best shot at winning a Grand Slam.

Then last year, Kyrgios made his first Grand Slam final at The All England Club. In his first Grand Slam final, Kyrgios started strong and competed extremely well throughout the entire final but Djokovic still escaped with a 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 (3).

If there is one Grand Slam Kyrgios would like to win, it’s Wimbledon. “Wimbledon’s the biggest tournament in the world – I think tennis fans that don’t know tennis know what Wimbledon is. It’s just got that prestige. It’s like the pinnacle of tennis to me.

If you win Wimbledon, no one can kind of say anything to you almost. That would be the one that has a little asterisk on it and that’s the one I will put all my focus and diligence into. That’s the one I want to win and I was really close and I said I’ve still got that taste in my mouth of unfinished business. So I’m gonna try my best to get back there,” Kyrgios explained.

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