Nick Kyrgios slams Jimmy Arias over shocking take on Iga Swiatek

Kyrgios comes to Swiatek’s defense after Arias’ comments.

Nick Kyrgios slammed Jimmy Arias once again, this time over the American’s stunning take on Iga Swiatek. Arias, a former world No 5, stunningly criticized Swiatek’s habit of wearing hats during her matches and said the Pole “hasn’t been great for women’s tennis.” In his comments, Arias suggested that by wearing hats, Swiatek is not making herself fully open to the tennis public and that way some aren’t able to fully connect with the Pole.

“I don’t think she’s been great for women’s tennis because she wears her hat so low that you can’t even see her face or eyes during the match, so you don’t get a connection as much as you could.

I want to see her personality,” Arias said on Tennis Channel. Kyrgios responded to Arias’ take: “Another horrible take.”

Another horrible take 😂 — Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios) July 30, 2023

Kyrgios ripped Arias over the comments he made about him
Recently, 28-year-old Kyrgios said “no chance” he would be playing at 33 due to the very demanding schedule in tennis.“I don’t know what he’s talking about when he says this schedule is out of control.

He’s played one match this year. He seems to take every other year off, so he should be able to play for another 25 years. It’s just interesting to listen to him talk; let’s see what happens when he’s 33.

But as we’re talking right now, I don’t know [if] he’s gonna play five more matches [this year]. He’s played once so far this year. I’m not sure [his] wrist, knee [or] his tattoo is hurting him too much [from playing] Pokemon maybe,” Arias said on Tennis Channel.When Kyrgios read about Arias’ comments, he unloaded on the American.”@ariastennis you got some sort of issue? Although I had no idea who you were before my mate messaged me 10 mins ago, I’d appreciate if you kept my name out of your mouth to keep you relevant… well at least to give you some form of credibility,” Kyrgios wrote.

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