Nick Kyrgios makes honest but also sad confession about ‘bad boy of tennis’ label

From his early days on the Tour, Kyrgios was labeled by some fans as ‘the bad boy of tennis.’

Nick Kyrgios admits it was “pretty brutal” for him to hear people labeling him as “the bad boy of tennis,” especially when he was going through the darkest days of his life. Kyrgios, 28, revealed in 2022 February that a few years earlier he was battling major depression and even had suicidal thoughts.

Now, Kyrgios is in a much better spot and he is living a much happier life. But when Kyrgios was going through the darkest period of his life in 2019, he was still pretty criticized and scrutinized for his on-court behavior.

“That’s how everyone in the world tht hasn’t met me before assumes I am. And that’s pretty brutal. I literally wanted to end my life and now I’m just here and enjoying it. Everything is just, it’s all a bonus,” Kyrgios said on the On Purpose podcast with Jay Shetty.

Kyrgios is now helping others
During his darkest days, Kyrgios turned to alcohol, drugs, self-harm and even had suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, those close to Kyrgios intervened and the Australian tennis star received professional help and eventually found a way out of his dark days. “I think it was all a year-and-a-half to two years of just complete harm.

It was pretty dark to be honest. I won tournaments on the professional tour, drinking every night, self-harming, burning things on my arm, cutting myself for fun. It became an addiction of pain. I hated myself. I hated waking up and being Nick Kyrgios,” Kyrgios said on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV.

Now, Kyrgios is available to those who are battling the same issues he was battling in 2019. “That’s been the most powerful thing in my career; people coming to me with genuine issues. They send me photos in my Instagram, direct messages, self-harming and genuinely wanting to commit suicide.

I have conversations with these people. Sometimes I’ve had phone calls with these people. That’s making a real difference and I’m just really proud,” Kyrgios said.

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