Not just titles: all about the money earned by Sinner in 2023

Thanks to the victories and commercial agreements with brands this season, the young Italian has definitely improved his ‘wallet’!

Victories and titles mean only glory and fame, but also money, a lot of money, like that earned by Jannik Sinner in 2023. The fame of the Italian tennis player is increasing day by day, from the Wimbledon semi-final to the victory in the Davis Cup.

And in parallel with fame, also Sinner’s earnings grow more and more. At the moment, the Italian is certainly among the highest paid sportsmen in Italy, but he has also placed himself among the highest paid and courted sports stars by international sponsors.

The Calcio e Finanza website specifically analyzed his earnings. In 2023 alone, Jannik collected around 8 million dollars from prize money: numbers that rise to a total of 30 million, in 2023. The most profitable agreement with Nike and on the other the one with many other sponsors.

The agreement with Nike will last 10 years, during which Sinner will earn up to $150 million. But Sinner is destined to have ever greater takings.

But how did Sinner earn so much?
The Italian champion has slowly but progressively attracted the attention of sponsors and brands.

The millionaire agreement with Nike is only the most obvious example, resulting from what he did this season. Sinner played an excellent 2023 and, more specifically, a super second half of the season. The Italian champion, after the Wimbledon semifinal lost to Djokovic, won his first ATP Masters 1000 of his career in Toronto.

Sinner then finished with an extraordinary autumn, winning tournaments in Beijing, Vienna, reaching the final at the ATP Finals and winning the Davis Cup with Italy. The progress was also seen in the three consecutive victories against Daniil Medvedve (who had previously defeated him 6 times in the final), the victory against Alcaraz in Beijing, the one (the first in his career) against Holger Rune in Turin and the two against Novak Djokovic, in the stage group at the ATP Finals and in the semifinals of the Davis Cup (victory in singles and doubles). Thanks to these achievements, Sinner attracted sponsors, ready to cover him with a lot of money!

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