Novak Djokovic candidly answers if 2023 season is his best-ever year

Djokovic’s 2023 season has been full of success and breaking records.

Novak Djokovic refused to declare his 2023 season as “the best-ever” but acknowledged it is “one of the best years” he has had in his pro tennis career. Djokovic’s 2023 season has been quite something as many are in awe of the unprecedented things the Serb has been doing at the age of 36.

This year, Djokovic made all four Grand Slam finals – added three Slams to his pocket to become the first man ever with 24 Majors – and also beat Steffi Graf’s all-time tennis record for the most weeks spent at the world No 1 spot.

At the start of the ATP Finals on Sunday, Djokovic beat Holger Rune to earn his eighth Year-End No 1 finish. At 36, Djokovic is now the oldest Year-End 1 in men’s tennis history – he beat his own record that he set in 2021.

Djokovic broke two biggest tennis records in 2023 and when taking everything into consideration, some believe this has been the Serb’s best year in pro tennis.

Djokovic: I wouldn’t say the best but one of the best
“One of the best years.

I wouldn’t say the best, but one of the best. I mean, the fact that I’ve won three out of four Slams and played a final in the fourth and it’s still not the best year of my life, it’s quite nice to have that kind of situation.

It’s definitely one of the best seasons. I had a couple of years, I think three times, that I won three out of four Slams in a season…in those years, I won more matches. I mean, I played more tournaments. I was really feeling very dominant on the tour.

It’s quite different circumstances this year comparing to all the other years because I played, what, 10, 11 tournaments this year. I just managed to peak at the right tournaments, at the right time. That’s what matters to me really.

I mean, Grand Slam season, one of the best for sure. Overall, especially in the last couple months, I haven’t lost a match since Wimbledon, so…I’ve been feeling great on the court and playing really well. But it’s hard to compare,” Djokovic reflected, via Eurosport.

If Djokovic wins the ATP Finals, he will break another record and become the first player with seven titles at the season-ending tournament.

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