Novak Djokovic found the secret to eternal life on a tennis court

The Serbian superstar will still have some years to achieve other amazing milestones

Novak Djokovic got a big win at the ATP Master 1000 in Cincinnati. The triumph achieved in the final against Carlos Alcaraz will remain in history for the Serbian champion, especially in the way it was achieved.Nole has now set his sights on the US Open, which he will return to after the great disappointment in 2021 that could have allowed him to make the Grand Slam that season.

Two years later, the Serbian will feel the atmosphere of Arthur Ashe Stadium again, after not attending last year due to the vaccine issue.Many, like Serbian coach Radmilo Armenulic, believe Djokovic has only two years left before he retires.

The truth is that, despite some physical ailments, Nole can still play as much as he wants and reach other incredible milestones. The Serbian champion’s physique still shows no cracks, and at 36, there could still be three or four seasons ahead of him.

Novak will plan his schedule to play the Grand Slams and some tournaments that are significant to him. Novak Djokovic found the secret to eternal life on a tennis court. This translated means less commitments, maximization of results.

Recall that only a great Carlitos Alcaraz prevented Djokovic from also winning Wimbledon and equaling Roger Federer’s record. A record that he will surely want to equal and then surpass. In view of the prestigious appointment, there in fact was an incredible revelation from the Serbian coach, who also coached Goran Ivanisevic, Djokovic’s current coach, during his career.

Armenulic’s words on Djokovic
Radmilo Armenulic made rather interesting statements about Novak’s future, in an interview granted to, and reported by Tennis World Italy.He explained: “Age makes itself felt, he doesn’t have the speed or concentration, but he wants to play.

It’s difficult to close a career, I know. I hope he will feel himself when the time comes to end his activity. Rafael Nadal will finish certainly next year, because he has a problem with his hips, while Federer has already retired.

So of the three only Djokovic remains. He must think now that it should end but I think he will play for one or two more years, then he will retire. He will judge for himself when he sees that he is 10 or 15 centimeters away from reaching the ball, that he no longer has the necessary shooting momentum.

He will make this decision himself and say: I’ve played enough, I don’t want to be chased around the pitch by the kids and lose games that I would normally win. They finally let him play in the US, they should have done it last year too.

He will have a tough tournament. Especially since he is always expected to reach the final or win the tournament. He is constantly under pressure. Now his biggest rivals will be Carlos Alcaraz, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev, candidates for the first places.

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