Novak Djokovic shares major statements on mental health in tennis

The Serbian champion analyzed the changes that the world of sport has undergone in recent years

Novak Djokovic gained the access to the third round of the US Open by beating Bernabe Zapata Miralles with a devastating 6-4, 6-1, 6-1. The Spaniard tried to be more aggressive than usual and hit back at the Serbian.This, however, was not enough to make the final score less heavy.

Djokovic has in fact spread in the last two sets by winning most of the important points.

Djokovic: “Mental health is as important as physical health”
The Serbian will face countryman Laslo Djere in the third round.In the press conference, Nole explained: “I think he is playing his best tennis on hard courts.

It is fantastic for Serbian tennis to have a match between the two of us in the third round. Laslo is one of the greatest workers in the Tour. He devotes many hours to care of his body and always tries to build his shape. Eventually the results will come for a player like him.

He has had many problems in his private life in the past. He’s had to endure and go through it all, and it speaks volumes about his strength and mental resilience.”Djokovic finally analyzed the changes that the world of sport has undergone in recent years. “It wasn’t as good a start as the other night, but that’s due to the playing conditions.

I have the feeling that Arthur Ashe gets very little air. I think that affects both of them. He started well and we played some really long rallies. A break was enough in the first set. Then, starting from the second set, I played really well.

I’m very happy with the sensations I had on the court, but things can always improve. I hope I can continue to build my form. My mindset has always been to really adapt to change. I think keeping the right balance is key to understanding who you are and maintaining authenticity in today’s world.

Now it’s more difficult because there is tons of information that comes to you through social media, the Internet and the media. When I started my pro career, things were completely different.You need to find a custom formula that really works for you.

I think it’s important to embrace change, the evolution of mankind, of society. You must try to use it as a tool for your professional career: your branding, your marketing, your communication with fans, your charity work.But at the same time, it’s important to find a balance, especially for an athlete.

Whatever you say, the way you behave, everything is monitored, analyzed and judged by millions of people. You have to pay close attention to the mental aspect. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I’m really happy that everyone is talking more about mental health.”

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