Novak Djokovic’s destiny is to crush all tennis records

This Serbian champion said what could be a possible deadline for his retirement, and as long as his body holds up, he will continue

Novak Djokovic can play until he is 40 and shatter all the records he still has available. The GOAT issue can now be considered closed: the Serbian star has surpassed (or is destined to surpass) all the records of his rivals and, at 36 year-old, he has once again demonstrated that he is the strongest.

The Serbian champion has dominated this season, won 3 Grand Slam titles and won the ATP Finals a few days ago, proving that he is still a step above the young players who are trying to oust him. Djokovic’s secret is based on a physique that is the basis for all his other amazing skills.

Djokovic’s mental strength was fundamental to his victories, but without a physique like his to apply it to, it would not have been enough. Elasticity, resistance and physical strength have allowed Djokovic the chance to cultivate first his amazing mental strength, then all the other tennis skills.

The mix was unique in the history of tennis. During the ATP Finals, Nole beat what he also defined as the new Big Three: Holger Rune in the group stage, Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner, in the semi-final and final respectively.

Retirement? Not now for Novak Djokovic!
Djokovic reached his 400th week at the top of the ATP rankings this week. Nole now has almost all the records in this sport, all he needs to do is win the Olympics and become the tennis player with the most overall titles of all, thus overtaking Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors, the only ones who are currently ahead of him.

Djokovic is in excellent condition and everyone is starting to doubt that he will soon have all the records possible. At this point the Serbian tennis player has closed the whole discussion regarding the GOAT, distancing himself by quite a bit from his biggest rivals, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and the Swiss Federer.

At 36, there is still talk of retirement and when Nole could actually say goodbye to tennis. For now, Djokovic made it clear in the press conference after the victory at the ATP Finals in Turin, when he could actually think about this decision.

The world number one said: “Rune, Alcaraz and Sinner are the next three greats who will take this sport forward. Retirement? I will continue to fight as long as I am able to play and win against them. Why stop when you win the biggest titles.” The Serbian, after Turin, immediately resumed in Malaga where he will try to make history with the Serbian national team and win the Davis Cup.

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