Rafael Nadal comments on his on-court rituals, answers if he suffers from OCD

Nadal has been practicing certain on-court rituals since the start of his career.

Rafael Nadal insists he does not have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as the 22-time Grand Slam champion claims he is “not that organized” outside of the court. Since the beginning of his career, Nadal has been practicing interesting on-court rituals.

For example, Nadal has a specific ritual before serving and he also likes to have his bottles placed in a very specific way. Due to that, some have been claiming that Nadal may be a superstitious person and someone who may suffer from OCD.

“Outside the tennis court, I’m not a very organized person. I think I’m a hard worker but not very well organized life. I don’t have the best-organized [hotel] rooms but I’ve improved a lot over the last ten years,” Nadal said during an Infosys event.

Oh he’s telling on himself again!

So many people mistakenly believe this man is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but they’re all wrong.

Rafael Nadal is messy, y’all. 😂

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Nadal set for a tennis return
After months of uncertainty, Nadal finally issued a clear statement on his comeback last week, revealing he would play again at the Brisbane International.

This week, Nadal revealed more on his upcoming comeback, revealing that he indeed expects the 2024 season to be his last. “There are many chances that it will be my last year without any doubt. There are chances that it may only be half a year, there are possibilities that it may be a full year, there are possibilities that we may not be able to reach all that,” Nadal said in a video uploaded on Thursday.

While Nadal expects the 2024 season to be his last, he is still leaving the doors slightly open for potentially playing beyond 2024. “I think it is going to be like that but I can’t be 100 percent sure. Because in the end I have worked a lot to come back to compete and if suddenly things and my physique allows me to continue and I enjoy what I do, why am I going to set a deadline? I think it makes no sense,” Nadal said.

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