Rafael Nadal has just posted latest recovery update

Nadal continues to work on returning at the start of 2024.

Rafael Nadal has taken to Instagram to show the hard work he has been putting up in the gym lately. Nadal, who is targeting to return from psoas surgery in January, revealed in the video that he is able to do various gym exercises.

In the video, Nadal can be seen running on a bike, doing strength and core exercises, as well as flexing exercises. Judging by the video, it can be said that Nadal is focused on strengthening the area around his hip and psoas muscles.

After not playing any tournaments since this year’s Australian Open, Nadal is hoping to return fully healthy and ready in Australia at the start of the 2024 season.

Will Nadal be ready to play in Australia?
In October, Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley claimed that Nadal confirmed his presence at the upcoming tournament edition.

But the excitement among tennis fans didn’t last long after Nadal’s PR team and the Spaniard himself denied his Australian Open return in 2024 was a sure thing. “I appreciate the vote of confidence from the Australian Open… I am practising every day and working hard to come back asap,” Nadal wrote on X on October 11th.

Nadal maybe denied the claim that he would certainly compete at the 2024 Australian Open but highlighted that playing in Australia remains his target. “My first realistic option to be back on the professional court would be January in Australia.

But right now, I really can’t confirm something I don’t know. Nothing has changed in the last few weeks except for the fact that I’m training a bit more than before, which is an accomplishment for me and my mental health,” Nadal recently said during an event in Madrid.

The 2024 season starts in a month and a half and Nadal still has a lot of time to work on his preparations for a comeback.

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