Rafael Nadal makes deeply honest confession regarding entire injury period in 2023

Just last week, Nadal confirmed he would be able to play again in 2024.

Rafael Nadal admits he “went through many phases” during his psoas injury period and highlighted that there were “disappointments” and fears that he may not be back. At the Australian Open, Nadal suffered a hip injury, specifically suffered an injury to his psoas muscle.

Initially, it was said that Nadal would be out for six to eight weeks and likely be ready to play again in March in Indian Wells and Miami. But Nadal ended up delaying his comeback several times before undergoing surgery on his psoas muscle in early June.

Just last week, 37-year-old Nadal officially confirmed that he will be returning to pro tennis at the start of the 2024 season in Brisbane.

Nadal: There were moments where this moment seemed impossible
“It’s been a long year in which I’ve gone through many phases, from trying to get back to compete at the clay season, week after week, disappointment after disappointment.

Then I had to decide to stop and say ‘enough’ and look for a definite solution, which was the surgery. Since then, everything has been a new horizon, a difficult path, but always with the hope of coming back. Of course, I have had many doubts, of course, there were moments where it seemed impossible that this moment would come.

But we’ve maintained the work spirit and hope and I think I am ready. I don’t know at what level, I don’t know what to expect, I have no idea, but I don’t care right now. I’m just happy to be back and with great excitement to make the effort that is necessary to have fun and I believe that I will be competitive,” Nadal said in a video uploaded on his X.

Hola a todos. Aquí tenéis más información tras el anuncio del viernes:
👉🏻 Ha sido un año largo…
👉🏻 Claro que ha habido muchas dudas, claro que habido momentos que parecía imposible…
👉🏻 Estoy listo para volver, no sé a qué nivel, no sé qué se puede esperar, no tengo ni idea,… pic.twitter.com/XAz8EoltDf — Rafa Nadal (@RafaelNadal) December 6, 2023

When announcing his French Open withdrawal in May, Nadal also revealed that his intention was to return in 2024 and play his final season.

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