Roger Federer explains how he found his inner peace: “It took years”

Federer pointed out how not living with regrets changed his life.

Roger Federer told kids in New York City how he managed to find his inner peace.”A point is just a point. It’s not such a big of a deal. If it’s like a big point, ok, fine. You can’t make every shot. You’ve got to accept that. What can you put in is your best effort.

That’s been my focus. And not live with regrets because when I was younger I would think ‘man, if I would only done this, or I would have tried harder, or I would have run faster, or fought harder’ Later on, I didn’t have that anymore,” said Federer.

“I think when you get to a place where you know you gave all, you can go back home, and life goes on. I went straight from a lost match to playing with my children, or from a loss to a nice dinner with my friends. Life goes on.

It’s just tennis. It’s just a point. What’s the big deal of getting stressed about it. You’ve got to find your peace, your inner peace. I achieve that, and it took me hours and hours, years and years of practice. When you know you work hard on the court and then in matches as well there’s no reason to get upset,” Federer continued.

Roger discussed the inner peace he had to find as a pro that allowed him to process losses more effectively — The Big Three (@Big3Tennis) August 3, 2023

Federer is at peace with his retirement decision
Roger Federer feels at peace with his decision of retiring from professional tennis because he knows that his body “couldn’t do it anymore”.

“Funny enough, I don’t miss so much being out on court anymore.Just because I know the body couldn’t do it. So I think it’s good that I couldn’t or I can’t, which then lets me watch and follow tennis as a total fan,” Federer told CNN.

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