Roger Federer gets very honest on how it felt coming to Wimbledon after retirement

Federer was following matches from the Royal Box on Day 2 of this year’s Wimbledon.

Roger Federer reveals he felt “content watching” watching this year’s Wimbledon matches from the Royal Box. In 2022, Federer didn’t play at Wimbledon but he visited The Championships to take part in the Centre Court’s 100-year anniversary.

At the time, Federer was still listed as a pro tennis player and was hoping to compete at Wimbledon this year. Unfortunately for Federer, his right knee just wasn’t progressing as targeted so he made the decision to retire in 2022 September.

This year, Federer was at Wimbledon on Day 2 and he was following Centre Court matches. In the Royal Box, Federer was accompanied by the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. After watching Elena Rybakina beat Shelby Rogers, Federer also watched Andy Murray’s win over Ryan Peniston.

Federer on returning to Wimbledon as a spectator this year
“Last year I walked out on Centre Court for the 100-year anniversary celebration.

It was beautiful but painful. I was injured. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play again, so it was a very emotional moment. But this year was totally different. My dad whispered to me, ‘Don’t you wish you were playing on court instead of sitting and watching?’ and I was like, ‘No.

I feel content watching and enjoying the game.’ It was so fun sitting next to Princess Catherine. I know her quite well. She is an avid tennis fan, and she plays herself. Sometimes we have to be careful we don’t speak too much.

You can talk, and then it’s super-quiet, and then you have to applaud,” Federer told The New York Times.Earlier this year, there were strong rumors suggesting that Federer would be a part of BBC’s coverage team for 2023 Wimbledon. In the end, nothing happened as Federer didn’t feel ready to commentate matches in his first year after retiring.

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