Roger Federer photobomber makes faces with beach volleyball stars!

The Swiss Maestro appeared in a cute photo shared by Tanja Hüberli and Nina Brunne

Roger Federer is a photobomber! The Swiss Maestro recently met Swiss beach volleyball players Tanja Hüberli and Nina Brunner, taking an extremely fun photo with them. The two girls are two-time winners of the European Championship Tanja Hüberli and Nina Brunner in an unknown place, and they met Roger yesterday, sharing this cute shot on Instagram, in which they can be seen making grimaces and making faces.

The beach volleyball duo later took to their Instagram account to express how amazed they were to meet the Swiss maestro, as they uploaded a selfie with him. “Favorite team picture ever,” wrote Tanja.

Macci: “Federer has the best serve, Djokovic has the best career”
Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have changed the history of the world of tennis over the last twenty years.

Crazy domination, 66 Grand Slam tournament titles between three and results that no one would have ever imagined: just think that fourth in this ranking is Pete Sampras with 14 Slams and therefore their numbers seem even more absurd.

Crazy dominance and a debate that has grown over the years: who is the best of the Big Three, who is the GOAT of the sport. Before 2023 the debate still had numerous doubts but this year, at 36 years old, Novak Djokovic has perhaps partially (or at least as far as the numbers are concerned) managed to close this long-standing affair.

Only in 2023 Djokovic won three Grand Slam titles and lost the final to the very young talent Carlos Alcaraz. In this way Nole reached 24 Grand Slam titles, overtaking the injured Rafael Nadal, who is stuck at 22, and further distancing himself from his other eternal rival Roger Federer, who is stuck at 20.

What scares fans of the latter two is that Novak Djokovic appears even hungrier than ever and seems to have no intention of stopping. The victory in Paris-Bercy (40 ATP Masters 1000 in his career) testified to this and many see Djokovic as the true GOAT of this sport.

Serena Williams’ former coach Rick Macci also spoke on the age-old affair, trying to explain his point of view regarding the Big Three debate. In this regard, a post by him appeared quite clear: “Of the Big Three, Roger Federer has the best serve, Rafael Nadal the best topspin and Novak Djokovic has the best career.” A new great ruling regarding the Big Three and Macci debate has once again generated many comments on its social channel. Yet another message in favor of the Serbian champion.

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