Roger Federer shares young players key to becoming professional

Federer was known as one of the biggest professionals during his career.

Roger Federer says being surrounded by the right people that understand you in many ways is one of the keys to becoming a professional and staying on the right path. Federer, who captured 20 Grand Slams during his iconic tennis career, was one of the biggest professionals on the Tour.

The Swiss tennis icon was well-known as a perfectionist and someone who was committed to every single detail. Federer’s professionalism undoubtedly played a major role in him becoming a great player and ultimately an all-time great.

“A great will and a great team. You usually have several coaches throughout your life and career. You need someone who basically trains you as a baby to give you the motivation to even go out on the court. Then you need someone to take care of your youthful recklessness and someone who knows you, your strengths and weaknesses as a young adult and who continues to encourage and challenge you.

And you should have people you like around you. After all, you travel a lot during your career and are often only surrounded by your own team. You are tired, homesick and perhaps struggling with an injury,” Federer told GQ Germany.

Federer: You shouldn’t be afraid of the big stage
Young and talented players tend to lose confidence and start to doubt themselves if good results don’t come straightaway.

Federer, who was 21 when he captured his first Grand Slam title at 2003 Wimbledon, is advising all young players to dream big and to believe that those moments will come. “You need support. And as already mentioned, the irrepressible will to play on the big courts.

You shouldn’t be afraid of it and you have to see yourself again and again, as if in a kind of vision. to see yourself play there. Until it becomes reality. I think we are losing a lot of talented young players on this long road to the top,” Federer said.

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