Rune reveals he is not afraid of facing Djokovic at the ATP Finals

The Dane focused on his first match with Djokovic, during thre Media Day in Turin

Holger Rune has been drawn in the same group as Novak Djokovic, Jannik Sinner and Stefanos Tsitsipas, at the 2023 ATP Finals, events which will begin in a few hours in Turin. The young Dane achieved qualification for the ATP Finals at the last minute at the last ATP Masters 1000 of the season, in Paris Bercy.

A goal achieved above all thanks to the first part of his year, where he won the title in Munich, reached the final in Rome and Monte-Carlo and the quarterfinals at the Roland Garros and Wimbledon. In the second part, also due to an injury, the Dane was stuck in a series of defeats that could have compromised his first appearance at the Finals, which instead are a reality.

Drawn from a group with Novak Djokovic, Jannik Sinner and Stefanos Tsitsipas, the world number 8 will make his debut against the 24-time slam champion. This is how Rune described his approach to this great event during Media Day. “If it had gone on like the first six months, I would have entered easily, but that’s okay.

It was a good fight. It’s the final push of the season , I am ready to give my best. I have had many complications with my team. I think that the more peace and tranquility there is around a tennis player or an athlete, the better he can perform.

And the less there is, the more difficult it is to stay focused It’s been very difficult for me to be the version of myself and that’s not good for any athlete,” the Dane said.

Rune reveals he is not afraid of facing Djokovic at the ATP Finals
On his first appearance in Turin he said: “I’m definitely looking forward to being here this year.

Obviously last year it would have been great to qualify directly, but I didn’t expect to qualify at all. Before the last three tournaments I wasn’t even close, so I put in a lot of effort and succeeded. Even in Paris-Bercy I didn’t think about it, because in every match I played against the top 10.

I expected to lose every match. It just happened. This year I will try to do the same, giving my all on the pitch. It’s a difficult tournament. You have to be good, you have to get better every day to be able to stay there, and you want to keep progressing, you have to do great things in your game, in your body and everything else, so it’s a constant process.” In the press conference, Rune then focused on his first match with Djokovic.

“Playing against Djokovic amuses me, I’m not afraid of him. It’s extraordinary to share the court with such a legend. Every time we’ve faced each other they’ve always been great battles. The last time in Paris, last week, was a another similar match. So I have to learn a little from that match and do something different to try to win,” he explained.

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