Super mom Victoria Azarenka shares a moving message to her son Leo

In a recent image, the former Australian Open champion shared an image on Instagram of her hugging her son Leo, and she wrote a moving message

Victoria Azarenka has often shared some of her moments with her son Leo on social media.Vika had a tough legal battle with her ex-boyfriend Billy McKeague, for custody of her child, a battle that the Belarusian tennis player won, but which cost her a year of absence from the Tour, in 2017.In a recent image, the former Australian Open champion shared an image on Instagram of her hugging her son Leo.In the post she wrote a moving message: “I may not be perfect, but when I look at my son I know that I got something in my life perfectly right.”

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Vika’s words after Wimbledon
Vika Azarenka’s path to Wimbledon was interrupted in the round of 16 after a challenge with a thousand meanings against the Ukrainian Elina Svitolina.

The two mothers of the WTA circuit faced each other in a rather difficult climate dictated by the war in Ukraine, one being a Belarusian and the other, as mentioned, a Ukrainian tennis player.In an interview with Up Front’s YouTube channel, Azarenka talked about tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and the debate over the male and female GOAT.The two-time Grand Slam champion expressed her opinion on the situation in Ukraine: “The last 18 months have shaken the world.

I have experienced it in a strong way, I cannot say more than the Ukrainian players because there are no bombs flying above my house I feel very sad, very bad for all the innocent people who are suffering.I am partly Ukrainian because of my father, I have many friends in Ukraine, my family in Belarus and I know many people in Russia.

I never felt too many differences between countries when I grew up. Everyone has their own language, but I didn’t feel any difference, not even on the circuit with Ukrainian or Russian tennis players. This war has separated countries a lot.

What matters to me is helping people in difficult situations.”The former number one also addressed the GOAT topic: “I would say that for me the tennis players are Serena and Venus Williams.They changed the sport to be more powerful, more athletic.

Serena is very strong mentally, her legacy is incredible. In the men’s field, I think Djokovic doesn’t get all the credit he deserves.Roger is elegance, he is the most talented of the big three. Rafa is a fighter, a pure heart.

Novak is the mastermind. You have to respect his beliefs and his values, you can agree or not.He’s very disciplined, he’s not recognized enough, he really impressed me. He’s been portrayed as a villain many times. He had to do a lot more than Roger and Rafa to maintain a good image of himself.He always goes against the tide.

From my point of view, I think when he was younger he wanted everyone to like him, now I think he doesn’t care anymore.”

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