The Tiger Woods Course frustrates many golfers

“All I will say is the @pgatour could do a better job at picking courses”- Kelly Kraft wrote

El Cardonal at Diamante sparked diverse opinions among several PGA Tour professionals following the recent World Wide Technology Championship. Andrew Putnam was one of the first to react via social media and was obviously satisfied with the tournament and the course.

“You know the course is easy when you shoot -10 to be top 5 and you don’t get 1 question from the media when you leave scoring. Straight to packing your bags up and leaving the course thanks Mexico for a fun vacation week of golf!

@PGATour”- he wrote. Kelly Kraft was among those who initially voiced strong dissatisfaction with the course. Although his initial response was quite critical, he later chose to temper his words and convey his disappointment with the course.

Kraft believes that the PGA Tour could have made better choices when selecting golf courses. “Best part about this week was having my family here and watching the @rangers win the World Series!! About the golf, not sure where to start.

All I will say is the @pgatour could do a better job at picking courses to host these events. In my opinion this wasn’t my favorite course, and I’ve played on tour for a little while. Better luck next week 👊.

Side note, I will say that @wwt_inc did a great job with what they had. Thanks for the hospitality!”

Tiger Woods
Before the start of the tournament, Tiger Woods was clear and revealed his intentions with the golf course.

The great golfer wanted to set up a course in such a way as to arouse the interest of golfers as well as fans. However, despite his hard work and ambitions, there are still many who are not completely satisfied.
“This course is going to remind people of the old-style California courses.

We will use the existing arroyos that traverse the site and well-placed bunkers to create definite strategic choices and carries off the tees. I set up the golf strategy to make golfers think and make choices. Angles of approach are going to be very important and will dictate the type of shots you should consider.

I love this kind of golf.” Source: Golfmonthly

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